Friday, January 14, 2011

ADF 11g BC - Reactivate the "Add from Table..." button in Entity Object Overwiew Wizard

Applies to : JDeveloper

Problem description
  • you are connected to database (network)
  • you are able to choose the desired button
  • 0000@2227_2227-4126678f3a9e87c6so everything is fine, you are able to work productive


  • you're went standby with your machine because you moved from work to homeoffice
  • waking up you're machine, connecting to network you want to invoke "Add from Table...." button
    => No chance. the button is disabled! See my screenshot
  • 0001@2227_2227-4126678f48f5c28f
  • -OK so first solution comes to mind. reopen the *EO.xml file
    => No change.the button is still disabled!

Fastest Solution found so far

  • Open the project settings and navigate to Business compontens section
  • 0002@2227_2227-4126678f49e3ef50
  • Do nothing, apply the button "OK" (not visible in screenshot)
    => the db connections seems to be reestablished or verified or what ever
  • Close the EO.xml and reopen it
    => "Add from Table..." button is activated!
  • 0003@2227_2227-4126678f4d9e26af=> No need to restart JDeveloper. That would be another solution. But takes a lot more time if you only have an average hardware.

Failed solution approaches

  • close *EO.xml and reopen it. => "Add from Table...." button is still deactivated

Open questions / improve usability suggestion

  • Which circumstance leads actually to disable the "Add from Table..." button?
  • It would be nice if the "Add from Table..." button would be active for ever. On Demand/Click would be reported if there is no valid database connection.


Have you experienced similar annoying problem? Any useful hints for the observed behaviour would be greatly appreciated.