Wednesday, February 20, 2013

JDeveloper Code-Template for ADFLogger

 Environment: JDeveloper

To make the Logger-Declaration a not so tedious work you can make use of JDeveloper Code Template features which is available in the preferences.
In JDeveloper:

1. Open from the menu: Tools > Preferences
2. Open: Code Editor > Code Templates
3. Click "+" to add a new code template

4. Goto the Code-Tab and add the following:

private static final ADFLogger LOGGER = ADFLogger.createADFLogger($clazz$.class);

5. Goto Imports-Tab and add needed classes:


6. Confirm Changes by clicking 'OK'.

=>> The Code-Template 'logger' is now available inside the Java-Editor.

Using the Code-Template in JDevelopers Editor

1. Open a Java class
2. Place cursor right inside class definition, type 'logger' and press 'Ctrl+Enter'.

Afterwards the ADFLogger is available inside the Java class.

On the following Blog posts you can find more information around ADFLogger + a CodeTemplates XML which you can import in your JDeveloper.

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