Saturday, October 8, 2011

[solved] Download offline bc4j-junit_bundle version/download link mismatch

Applies to: JDeveloper

Download from:

Problem description

Trying to install the downloaded bc4j-junit_bundle offline version as extension I get the following error



Open the corresponding bundle ZIP an lets see if it is really wrong version


But as you can see I have downloaded the correct version. So there is a mismatch.


After further investigating the download link I realized that it just references the old version

So let's try to adjust manually the URL und download

é voilà now the installation works fine as well


[solved] JDeveloper - Install Extensions offline / licences check issue

Applies to: JDeveloper



Results in


The impact is that you are unable to install JUnit-Extension in a Workshop Lab e.g. where

you can't assume that the attendees have an internet connection


Because we are quite smart let's workaround....

Open Bundle with your favourite archiver tool

and remove or comment out the following line

<u:requires-agreement url="" />


Save change and Update Archive.

Import extension again.


=> No license check requirement shows up. Yeeeees we can!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Upgrade Oracle Team Productivity Center to / Hudson Plugin

From Version: 
To Version:


Check the content of the current otpc schema

SQL> select * from otpc_version t;

                 ID       DB_UPGRADE_NUM DB_VERSION                                                                    VERSION

-------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------

                  1                    2                                                                   1

Download tpcinstaller.jar from OTN


Start new installer

jar -jar tpcinstaller.jar


Click Next


Great: The installer recognized everything, so you really can expect the installation process will do the right thing

Choose: NExt


Point to the autodeploy directory of the privious installation. If you just point to the DOMAIN_HOME Location you will get an exception:


TPC-90026: The otpc.war of current installation for upgrade is missing in the server deployment directory

(Enhencement request: The installer should be smart enough to be able to check for otpc.war in the given domain!)


Choose: Next


Choose: Next






Upgrade completed. Plus Hudson Plugin installed.

Verify installation/ Upgrade

Verify  otpc_version in database schema:

SQL> select * from otpc_version t;

                 ID       DB_UPGRADE_NUM DB_VERSION                                                                    VERSION

-------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------

                  1                    2                                                                   2


Everything worked as expected. Nice.

Lets start weblogic and check if otpc server is running


Seems to run, but (as stated in one of my privious posts) nobody can be sure which version actually is running. Especially from an ALM tool which now integrates with hudson I REALLY CAN EXPECT to see a BUILD-Number here! Dear Oracle, if you are reading this, please log an enhencement request to integrate a build number in the otpc server homepage! Further it would be nice if that homepage lists all installed otpc plugins (plus which version of course). Thanks.


After starting the new otpc server a new folder has been created in DOMAIN_HOME


=> Oracle uses ActiveMQ now. I think in order to be able multi app server compatible. And ActiveMQ is obviously tinier than the WLS one.

OTPC Hudson Plugin

Now I am really interessted in how the hudson plugin looks like. So lets start my local hudson sanbox.

java -jar hudson-2.1.1.war -httpPort=8081 (8080 is used by the XE DB)

Observing the Hudson > Plugin Manager > Installed

=> No hints to a newly installed plugin

Looking into Hudson > Plugin Manager > Available

=> Bingo.


(Additional info. The plugin has been put to


by the OTPC installer and not into the $HUDSON_HOME/plugins/ as I would expect.)

Ok, move on


Restart hudson.

The otpc plugin shows up in the installed section of the plugin manager.


So now we can use the plugin in our hudson jobs. Choose your job and configure..


Save changes and run your job.

Check the jobs console output

"The test result(s) Testergebnis will be sent to the Oracle Team Productivity Team Server at http://localhost:7001.

Successfully loggedin."

Thats all so far. Nothing else shows up in your hudson ui ;-(

What's next

Check OTPC in new JDev




Let's open an old task repository


Hhhm. let's create a new task repository


Same problem here.


OTPC is still not enterprise ready. OTPC should improve in the following

  1. Task repository connection does not work in new version! Wow. Where is the mistake? the server logs

WARNUNG: RepositoryServerServiceImpl.getAll() 10/03/2011 17:43:29 MESZ - reposit

ory server 'New Repository Server11121'  does not have any parameters by parentN

ame 'REPOSITORY_SERVER.New Repository Server11121.OTCP Task Repository11121'.

03.10.2011 17:43:29 oracle.alminternal.server.core.RepositoryServerServiceImpl g


  1. Integration BUILD-Number into otpc server homepage

  2. List installed connectors on otpc server homepage

  3. Integrate LDAP vor OTPC Users/Groups. Provide a mapping from those users/groups to OTPC Roles

  4. Integrate some nice charts in the hudson jobs webpages ;)

Like (in general about OTPC)

  1. Saving the IDE context for a specific task.!! This really rocks!