Thursday, March 18, 2010

ADF: How to create method binding for action

Applies to JDeveloper


That is a really short post but shows all possibilities how to create a method binding action code in a backing bean. This is a very worthy feature if you need to invoke more than a single business service method. Currently ADF is limited to invoke just a single method declaretively/by DnD. Hopefully it will be possible in some of next JDev versions to bind a series of service methods to a command component by DnD.

a) In Design Mode: Just double-click on a command component and you will get the appropriate wizard

b) In Source Mode: Open the context menu and choose “Create Method Binding for Action”
The “Bind Action Property” Wizard will open as shown in a). Of course same Menu Action is available in Design mode too but double-clicking is more comfortable.

c) Property Inspector: No chance to generate ADF action binding code!

Just forgotten by JDeveloper developers or are there any good reasons why the above feature is not available here?

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