Sunday, July 13, 2014

ADF Mobile rebrands to Oracle MAF (Mobile Application Framework) - New Name, New Features, Growing Community!

Shortly after the release of ADF 12.1.3 the cross-platform mobile development framework ADF Mobile was rebranded to Oracle MAF (Mobile Application Framework). Nothing has changed on the technical foundation of that mobile framework. It is still based on Apache Cordova, HTML5/CSS3, Java, and offers the possibility to develop offline-capable apps with the help of an embedded SQLite database. The developed hybrid apps run on iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets.
Oracle MAF (Mobile Application Framework) - Build Once , Run anyware
Oracle MAF Overview
The migration of ADF Mobile Apps to Oracle MAF runs smoothly. The migration is totaly transparent when opening the existing app in JDeveloper 12.1.3/Oracle MAF 2.0 Extension.  Excellent!

A highlight of Oracle MAF is that Apache Cordova plugins (eg barcode scanner plugins) can be integrated. The included sample apps have a showcase for reading barcodes. This is very handy! The integrated barcode scanner gives rise to many new and interesting fields of action. Hope to blog about that in more detail in near future. Stay tuned!

Oracle MAF - Finally integrated BarCode Scanner
Oracle MAF 2.0 -  Barcode Scanner Integration included

I won't list all the new features here, since it is well announced by Shay Shmeltzer here (Say hello to the new Oracle MAF) and here (Oracle MAF hits the street).

Besides the "rebranding" many new "channels" were launched, such as a forum for technical issues, a community at G+, Twitter and Facebook. I have checked all that and summarized the most important links. A lot of activity is going on! Enjoy Exploring;)

Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF)

Oracle Mobile Community and Forum

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  1. Its licensing is so expensive. It seems to be appropriate for only enterprise apps. So, can not be compared with free cross platforms like XDK

  2. Hi Mustafa,
    thanks for your comment. Well it depends on what kind of apps you are going to build. For enterprise apps with offline, high security requirements Oracle MAF makes sense and worth the price. If interested talk to your Oracle Sales Representatives for a discount.


  3. Hi, I am starting an enterprise mobile application project. Can anyone suggest me to choose the framework between ADF mobile and MAF. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Yoga,

    ADF Mobile has been rebranded to MAF in newer versions. So you shouldn't start on an older version.