Friday, April 30, 2010

Monitoring Dashboard in WLS Administration Console introduced

Type: Info
Applies to: Oracle WebLogic Server: 10.3.3

Just after JDeveloper was released of course I had to give it a try;-) Somehow I am always curious about changes the Admin Console of the WLS. Since WLS is integrated it is really easy and quick to do. Just start a simple ADF Fusion Web app and open http://localhost:7101/console

The following things catched my eyes:

a) The Admin Console  is internationalized. On my laptop the login form appears in german by default now:
To change the language you just have to change the preferred language in the browser settings and reload the page.

b) On the Homepage I recognized a new entry:
This opens the so called “Monitoring Dashboard” which obviously is developed by ADF Faces RC. Cool! No activation of the diagnostic console needed! No slowly loading Applet;) Thanks!


c) the diagnostic-console can still be activated in the preferences but just in order to inform that it has been replaced by the new monitoring dashboard….and the Request Performance

d) Request performance
image At the first look the view is a bit disappointing because you will not see anything here until you “…first configure WLDF instrumentation to use the ElapsedTimeAction diagnostic action attached to "Around" diagnostic monitors. Only data from the ElapsedTimeAction action is shown on this page.” See the context help for more information. (Maybe I will blog about it in more detail in a separate post)

It would be nice if this information (to first configure a WLDF inst) would be visible as INFO or WARNING directly on the Request Performance Tab.

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